Misinformed paranoia?.

The function of the Rangers has, and always will be, to protect the front-line of

the Greenwood from the dangers of Orc Town and the horror that lurks beaneath.

Your openly decalred intent is that you support the cult of the longnight, nurture

the base demon of darknes that effects ALL non-aligned with the cult (including your

own order) and you do this in the mistaken belief that the longnight has something to do

with your realm. That is TRUE paranoia, dillusions of grandeur.

I would ask you to explain how you intend to lead the Rangers to a 'unique' future having

already presided over allowing the schism of the bandits to split it into a non-0unique guild.

This is a strategic mistake of orders of magnitude for the guild (though exactly part of your

calculations; I have no doubt).

So, please, continue to keep posting my so-called mistakes here and I will continue to post

the truth and the strategic implications for those that follow your blunders yet do not see

the design of your works.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Paglost, in the year 1101.