two points.

Thank you for clarifying your thoughts it helps more than heresay misinformed remarks.

I would however raise 2 points:

Firstly it is a dangerous line to take with a sweeping statement that animists serve life

without boundaries, guidelines, rules etc otherwise the interpretation could very easily

be taken to extremes with animists evoking peace to stop fights or stop orcs or monks getting bashed

etc etc etc .

My seconf point is you imply huge guild control over the actions of individuals - I am sure there are

some minor advantages to belonging to the guild but the truth be told if an all ult Animist decided he

wanted another path to follow utilising the same skills he/she could quite simply

quit guild and do as they wish. All it would then need it is align themselves with a deity and

put a persuading argument to open up a new chapter or guild for other ex Animists of a certain persuasion

and to be perfectly frank there is sod all you can do to stop this.

You may think this could never happen - well sit back have a Hoffmeister and reflect (ask an older git

to explain the obscure reference)

Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 1101.