Your post, and those that follow it.

Druid Elbethamore, Healer of the Foreststo Maiya

Let me begin by noting that I was deeply troubled by the derisive personal remarks made about me in your post, Maiya. However, for the sake of debate, I will address the points you raise in your post without further thought to your comments about me.

Arthor raised two points already that I would have raised myself. First, he is correct in his assertion that the Animists serve Life, not Compassion. Sometimes our devotion to Life forces us to be uncompassionate, such as when we turn someone away who

asks for a restoration because they were attacking an enemy city when they died. The Compassionate in me would want to help them and give them a second chance. The servant of Life tells me that giving that person a restoration wouldn't serve Life, bu

t would be a detriment to it. Second, the recent changes in the Animists Guild have been in response to the changing shape of the land of Avalon, which is dynamic and ever-changing. Bound by conservatism that has kept the Animists more or less the sam

e for as long as anyone can remember, the Guild was becoming less and less effective as a whole, and in terms of the ability of individual animists to meet the demands placed on them. The changes to the Guild do not represent knee-jerk reactionism, bu

t important reforms that have been long overdue.

That said, I think you overestimate the reach of the city chapters plan. Animists are still Animists, and are still devoted to Life. More latitude has been given to animists on an individual level, but the overall aim of the Guild has not changed, jus

t the methods. It is the difference between every animist helping every person, and assigning animists to focus on certain groups of people. As a whole, the Guild is still helping everyone, and even on an individual level, many city-allied animists wi

ll still be called to aid those outside their city in appropriate circumstances. The old philosophies still apply as well. Animists should not help people attack. I will be very irate if I discover that this is going on, as I always would have. Thus,

your concerns about the only animist in the land at a given time ressing their citymates who are raiding another city is unfounded.

This system will be constantly under review by the guild leadership. I would also like to reassure everyone that I would not allow the Animists Guild to split and take my guild's well-being very seriously.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Cloudburst, in the year 1101.