Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

Well, people of Avalon, when the major powers of darkness start to get involved

in a debate about Animists then you know a plot is surely afoot. When Arthor talks

of the Animists guild 'being dynamic' you know he means one branch for Thakria's sole

use and one for everyone else. Look what happened to the other unique guilds that were

infiltrated by Thakrians. The Bards lost their uniqueness and the Minstrels sprang up

as soon as a Thakrian guildmaster gravitated to the top of that guild. The Rangers, well

they held out a long time but now they have lost their uniqueness under the patronage

of Mephisto.

Now attentions are turned to the Animists? Coincidence? Make your own judgement.

If the Animists guild also falls (and by the way, Avalon already has too many guilds)

then only the Sorcerers shall be left as a unique skillset.

But then perhps the forces of good will VERY quickly take n interest in the Necromancers guild

as, has been said in previou posts 'all guilds are dynamic and tradition counts for nothing'.

Well, I don't believe that... but I will fight fire with fire.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1101.