The Cornelian of Darkness.

Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

Twenty six brave and daring mortals accepted the challenge of darkness to prove

themselves the most worthy to receive the gift of the divine cornelian.

Little prepared were they for the full onslaught of the ultimate test of

darkness - pain, deceit, manipulation and greed. Only fourteen were strong

enough to endure the entire experience and through that alone these individuals

have proven their strength. However Darkness does not reward failure, for one

must rise above the others and brush aside all those that stand in their way to

claim the prize they covet.

Right from the beginning of the quest Mohrion asserted himself as the leader of

his pack by ruthlessly crushing Arthor, Dartanian and Threap to claim the title

of Overlord of his clan.

Then came the Harvest. Mohrion's clan, the Skirmishers, suffered a major

setback as the Guardians, most of whom were disfavoured for losing a bet with

the god of darkness, utterly dominated them. The souls of many skirmishers

were harvested by the valiant Guardians lead by Overlord Plaman whilst in

turn offering very little reward to the Skirmishers keeping both their lives

and souls mostly intact.

As the final chapter 'Turcoats' was revealed, Mohrion realised his disadvantage

from the poor harvest was not as great as he had feared but nonetheless Plaman

held the slight upper-hand with greater freedom to pick his team. This

advantage was squandared as Mohrion's team proved to be victorious in each of

the five rounds of the final chapter. The other contestants often found

themselves being drafted into different teams having to switch loyalties often

and occasionally even choosing to betray their teams but one thing remained

constant throughout the entire ordeal - the Red team, Mohrion's team, kept


As the only contestant to be in the winning team each round his score could not

be matched. Although his rewards for personal glory were mediocre his

ability as a tactition in consistantly choosing the best teams without keeping

any one other contestant by his side for all five rounds, and of course a

little luck, ensured his final victory.

A special recognition goes to both Arthor and Edgtho for proving themselves to

be the most dominant force of violence on the battlefield leading the field

leagues ahead of everyone else in terms of acredited kills.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Agamnion, in the year 1100.