Druid Elbethamore, Healer of the Foreststo Everyone

The Animists Guild is undergoing some important changes. The time has come for the guild to adapt to the changing world, and revisit its methods of upholding Life.

The Animists Guild will be reorganizing itself into city-based chapters, so that the animists in those cities can work more closely with their relative subset of the Avalon population. The goal is to return efficacy to the Animists, and strengthen the

guild's relationships with other cities and guilds. The aim is for all people of Avalon to receive equal access to animists as a whole, by focusing chapters of animists on various populations.

Within these chapters, animists will be a greater liberty in terms of how they uphold Life. We plan to work with city leaderships to ensure that all of the cities have healthy chapters and have adequate access to what the Animists have to offer. There

will also continue to be Animists without citizenship who will not be a part of any of the chapters.

Many people have also noticed that higher level animists are now at greater liberty regarding the scheduling of wurtfoil brews. Those concerned should note that the new city chapter policy will have no bearing on wurtfoil brews, and they will continue

to be open to all who come peacefully.

In the near future, chapterheads will be announced to each city. Concerns or questions may be directed to those animists, or to me directly.


Elbethamore, Guildmaster of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 5th of Skyelong, in the year 1100.