Children jumping?.

Sir Pandera, the Cavalierto Everyone

I Never post much nor will i again im sure, but being just off the lw like

the others i just wanted to give my opinion. There are many with all ults that make it

point to jump me and attempt to strip me, im not complaining at all in fact it only makes me stronger in the end so i usually say bring, i will always defend my city. BUt unless without reason i dont really see the point at all, you huggies do it as

much as Arthor does so do stop trying to play innocent. Remember when you ship us, strip us, and attempt to break our spirits, you are only fueling our power and our spirits, knowing one day Domination will be ours as people such as Arthor and Zeni ha

ve now. Im not speaking for the other thakrian lws, just me, so please do continue to make me a better fighter and give me a reason to ship those that attempt to break my spirits.

I am not afraid nor will i ever hide, I just learn, so i say thank you. So lets just please end these waste of space on the bb.

Sir Pandera, Disciple of Darkness

Written by my hand on the 17th of Cloudburst, in the year 1100.