Guillaume Tellto Born to be Wyldefyre

Ok, I return from the summer break to find a big argument about Rangers, citing honour, trust and strength.

And yet, I find I've been kicked out of the Rangers guild for daring to go Dormant before I passed my Apprenticeship. Where is the Honour Trust and strength in that decision?

I worked damn hard to get my skills up to a reasonable point, I'd got my Forestry to Master, worked my stealth to respected and only then worked on my poisons for a short while. I never sold more poisons than I needed to equip myself and never the bla

cklisted ones.

And all of that was for nothing, Just to be met with a single line in my messages stating You have been removed from the Rangers guild.

Well gee thanks. I feel so rewarded for spending hours learning my way around the land, earning the credits to push my skills up, and yes, even daring to purchase some credits. Shall I re-subscribe? I think not. its not worth going through that eff

ort again.

Good Morning, Good Evening and G'night. Guillaume the Disgruntled.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Hindyear, in the year 1099.