Herbie, proud to be Mercineanto Loremaster Yairi

The reason I made the post was because I find it offensive that a cowardly persona like you should comment about fighters and their deaths. Your post# 20304 wasn't really worth commenting on as it purely states what everyone knows, and is hardly of b

enefit to the conversation topic.

My main concern about post# 20307 is that you argue too much on assumptions. I personally don't see that many olvar deaths among the smaller folk, so pushing the 30 deaths is a tad rough. I doubt you fight enough to see what really happens.

My other concern with the post is that you seem to forget what it's like being new to the land but willing to learn the hard way. I actually applaud the courage of smaller fighters who try to overcome adversity.

armsmash enemies far as I fight when I chose to fight, not when YOU chose I'm not surprised you read it as you intended. I actually said that it should have been written as exactly that. Hence, get rid of the self justified tosh that makes up 95% of

the post. Oh - and you mention other lands etc there too.

armsmash enemies far as the non sequitur, I was meerly saying that until it comes to crunch time - and your true motives/courage are put to the test - you do have a likable and reasonable nature. aka I take the statement 'Most people seem to think I'm

a pretty likable and reasonable guy.' with a pinch of salt.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 1098.