Loremaster Yairito Herbie, proud to be Mercinean

I will make brief retorts to your latest diatribe and then allow you the

final words. (Assuming of course you are at least SOMEWHAT


My INITIAL post on the brew issue was #20304. My SUBSEQUENT

posts on the issue were numbers 20307 and 20321. I stand by those

posts fully and AGAIN defy you to tell me where exactly I was biased,

misinformed, infantile (and now apparently non-objective).

I congratulate you for finding a way to invoke Zenichiro's name into this

discussion. I'm sure you made Kes very proud (see, I can also toss out

a non sequitur when required.)

I did indeed use the exact words \"I fight when I chose to fight, not when

YOU chose\" in the fighters post to which I referred you. Perhaps you

were confused by my use of the word \"gist\" or perhaps you only read

what you wanted to read?

Lastly, my SOLE reference to roles and \"other realms\" appeared in my

post 20320, which was directed at you. I apologize for that indiscretion.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Skyelong, in the year 1098.