Your post.

Herbie, proud to be Mercineanto Loremaster Yairi

You are fully aware that my post was as a retort to your initial post, not subsequent ones, so don't try and muddle the picture.

I'm actually not surprised that you received so many compliments about SUBSEQUENT posts as they certainly contained a more objective stance.

As far as being a likable and a reasonable guy - that's exactly what I thought until you - on countless occasions - allowed Zenichiro to break the LM treaty with no penalty.

\"I fight when I chose to fight, not when YOU chose. \" - Perhaps you should have written it as exactly that instead a load of pompous self justfied tosh.

Lastly, why do you keep on about your role here compared to other worlds - I personally don't give a fig about other worlds - even less so about your roles in these fantasy lands.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Skyelong, in the year 1098.