The real point.

Artisan Allanonto Everyone

Both Yairi and Arthor make valid posts but skip around the main point.

Arthor - young and inexperienced fighters as you state are disadvantaged in numerous

ways - one of them should not be being deprived of Wurtfoil as they find their fighting feet

be it vs the various characters and animals that live in the land or other individuals - how many

times when you were young when exploring did you meet a foe like pangyron who ended up killing you.

Yairi - you dont allow for the fact that at times a person may not wish to carrying on fighting

and dying whilst on no ship rides but for various reasons HAS to carry on fighting.

In this instance with the current policy depending on what time of year it is they will get progressively

weaker trying to protect and defnd their city, guildmates, friends etc by means of combat.

The main point is apart from those that throw themselves at enemies with no thought for consequences

and we have all seen people die loads get a brew and lose those lives straight away - who deserve to pay a price

such as being on negative skills for a period. Its the others that concern me - not that they should not learn to

value their lives and ship rides but rather there are some reasonable controls on the frequency and availability

of wurtfoil brews.

If possible perhaps make it that you can only take wurtfoil once per month or some other automatic method to control

things rather than a few individuals who chose Druid as a profession.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1098.