Artisan Allanonto Everyone

Dunccan, whilst you have a semi valid point I must point out that a flaw to your

argument is bloodlust - a larger player who only ever kills equal sized opponents and

ships rarely you are correct has an unfair advantage given the current policy.

However if a bigger individual has high bloodlust they dont have to ship to quickly

lose their ship rides.

I personally whilst conceeding the general point Animists are making, have grave doubts as to

motives as so often in the past Animists controlling things like brews has clearly

been an attempt by certain individuals to wield power over others they could not gain by

any other means.

In addition as checking defences no longer tells how many ship rides as person

has, there is no way to even fathom if any favouritism or dubious practices are occuring

to enable certain individuals to gain a wurtfoil advantage.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1098.