Mariah, Angel of the Abyssto Dr Dhonuill

look animists are not special, they are a normal guild designed to do one thing, heal people

now healing has 3 forms, herbs,actually healing skill and restoration

animists are generally greedy and sell herbs for high prices, they also hoard herbs and only give to friends not everyone that comes in peace

why dont you all just stop trying to be what you are not and get on with what you were born to do

by all means heal the forests and tend to pretty little flowers but also remember your ability to revive and pick wurtfoil is to be shared with avalon not who you decide is fit, but all life, even if they do slay your stupid tree hugging guild mates

oh and yes the jegga brew in grove was me, its sad how pws never keep basic defences up, i suggest you all start

now as to this blacklist, will you dhonuill state that it is in place or is no longer in place, just so i know, not that it will stop the slaying of animists

Written by my hand on the 27th of Ilmarael, in the year 1097.