Animists -- NEW RULES.

Finbarto Everyone

I was surprised to learn recently, having studied the nuiances of the Animists growing rule book, that they seem to have scrapped the

entire process. As of recently, the Animists -- citing reasons relating to the value of life -- have decided to discontinue the 'compassion

brew' which their gm has infomed me was but a mere experiment. Because in their wisdom, the animists have choosen not to inform the

Avalon continent about their new rules, and because these 'new rules' effect the entire continent, i take it upon my self to inform you all out

of a sense of fairness.

As I understand it, only New Years brews will be offered, and no others. Further, I have been informed there will be no blacklist from this

day forward.

I hope that I have acurately re-stated what I was able to gather from the animists, and invite their gm to post on the matter to clarify any

misunderstanding I may have about these New Rules which effect us all.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1097.