Lord Mephisto - I had already considered the hypocrisy of stepping out of character. I decided it was worth the risk, as I wasn't criticising Magdalene's role portrayal, just her desire to give us all a lesson in grammar. Which is the point. If she wa

nts to give Finbar an english lesson give it to HIM, not the rest of us as well. Write him a letter. Send him a message.

Arthor - I didn't attack the MAIN point of Magdalene's post. I was quite aware of the underlying attempt to rattle Finbar's cage, I merely addressed her method of doing so. As far as huggies lacking intelligence goes, there are certain \"wanna be\" warl

ords that could do worse than visiting their cities local schools and getting a refresher course or two.

Sally - you are quite correct... what exactly is a \"Mimstrel\" again?

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1097.