I will never be able to keep count of how many times this post has been

made, nor how many times I have made it myself. Never the less, the

slipping standards of the Every Man and his dog will never cease to amaze

me. Despite the hypocrisy involved here in pointing out (and therefore

stepping out of role) the fact that Avalon is a world of words. It is a

world of imagination. Every word you see, fires a reaction. Good or bad.

I for one, whenever I see, 'Ive' instead of 'I've' do my best not to

utterly destroy the mortal involved. I find it sickening whenever I see

people not care about the way in which they present themselves. And in

Avalon's case, care about the words they offer up to their peers, betters,

and subservient a like.

In this instance, I can not help applauding Magdalene on her thankless

crusade for a more noble, thoughtful and subsequently coherent Avalon.

I suggest you acquire a more wordly view before criticising the indignant

response of one individual who is utterly shocked by what is found.

Notice the 'suggest' in that sentence. I'm not demanding the end of the

discussion just because I've expressed my own, highly personal, view.

That said, I would certainly be more happy to see the sharp minded populate

this world, instead of the lazy self indulgent 'we're having a lynching'

type that jump on the band-wagon whenever this topic rears its head.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1097.