Diamond Gem quest.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Due to many reasons, mostly relating to my own situation, I am going to

be rescheduling the Diamond Gem quest for a later date.

The new date is Friday, September the 19th at 11pm GMT (just over two weeks)

If any of you have any problems with this FOR CERTAIN, then let me know

now. Though I'm certainly not going to change the date again for one or

two people, I am quite happy to do so if there are enough that simply

can't make it.

For those of you who haven't yet had a chance to use the new Java client,

I hope to post a web address tomorrow evening, where you can download it.

Questions, comments, as always, feel free to approach me.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Eleuthral, in the year 1097.