If you must know,.

Magdaleneto Finbar

The issues which you were debating (whining about) with regard to

Zenichiro were of very little interest to me, as I believe I

stated he does not need either myself nor any other person to

fight his battles for him.

However I (to my discredit) find it impossible to sit quietly when I

read the ill thought blatherings of a gramatically challenged fool

who is trying to berate the writings of someone from whom he should

really be taking lessons in the correct use of language.

My stating that you had been HOISTED by your own petard was a figure of speech

which was perfectly applicable as you had tried to make someone else look stupid

by criticising their sentence structure when in fact it was perfect whilst yours

was severely lacking.

As to who I am. I am Magdalene, and although I have not been oft present

within the land recently I can still claim to have walked and fought here

long before you were conceived in some bizarre ill begotten fleshy collision

the like of which will hopefully never again blight the lands of Avalon.

Gosh, what viscious language I have resorted to using. must be the fungus.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 1097.