zenichiro's post.

Magdaleneto Finbar

I am sure Zeni doesnt need anyone to support his arguements here, and would probably rather I didnt put my

tuppenyworth in, but.....

Zenichiro's sentences were all well written and easy for anyone with any kind of

grasp of the english language to understand (provided they have the vocabulary at their disposal to deal with all the syllables).

For future arguements I suggest that you stick to defeating his arguement by sticking to the subject(s) that it concerns.

Attempting to undermine someones arguement by making them out to be stupid is a poor tactic at the best of times.

When it is executed in such a slack manner as in your post it merely makes the writer look like a cretin.

Which in this case means that you have come across as a cretin.

I would say that you had be hoisted by your own petard through doing this, but you probably wouldnt understand that.


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Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 1096.