Sir Lancelot, Dreambladeto Everyone

I have been in Avalon for a long time.

Never in all this time, have I witnessed such total disregard

and inpunity towards the Deities of this land.

It has been made clear on many occasions previous, but I will

reiterate that we exist at Their whim, and we should indeed thank

the Gods daily that we have the freedom to lead our lives as

openly as we do.

You may not always agree with the Gods, but if you do not address

them with the respect and humility that they deserve, then you should

certainly prepare yourself for the repercussions.

Avalon is a world with Mortals and Gods - by the very nature of this,

Gods are 'better' than the Mortals. This is the way it is.

If you can't accept that, then I suggest you go elsewhere.

Just so this post doesn't sound too serious; Finbar: You are an

absolute moron. Your post was almost intelligible, and your lack of

ability to turn parsing off laughable.

It is ridiculous that mages are able to dance rituals that effect

those that cannot touch them due to bloodlust restrictions, but

this is a matter for the Elders board.



Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midsummer, in the year 1096.