Aww, poor baby.....

Fireforge, the Wandererto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

The Rangers and the Animists have worked together huh? Maybe the other Rangers did, Ender, but never you. I remember you dropping Elanna three times for ressing me after you jumped me because you wanted to see me \"ship by your hand\".

Hot headed leadership? Power hungry? If anyone would know and understand those traits, it would be you. You are true to your description, Ender, a Chaotic Ranger. And your loyalty extends to two beings in Avalon. Commendably, Your Patron, and egotisti

cally, you. And that's it. Everything you do, every thing you say is aimed toward the goal of empowering yourself and your Order. You don't care who you stand on, or what you do to them to get it. And this in itself, is not a poor trait.

What is a singularly dismal attribute is hypocrisy, and you have that by the cartload. You're throwing a tantrum. Someone in the Animists has decided that you don't live up to your side of any \"agreement\". I don't recall seeing you diving in to help a

ny animist under attack. Especially seeing as how half the time, YOU are the attacker. You're outraged. You can't believe those \"spineless huggies\" have the AUDACITY to stand up to you, can you? By the GODS, you can't let this stand! Someone defy you?

Ender? The mere thought!! So you killed them... over and over... and they STILL stood against you. Now what.? Damn them all, you'll brew for their blacklist!! That'll show 'em!!

I bet they're all cowering in absolute fear now. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they see throught that sickly veneer that sways others to believe you fight for them, when all you care for is you. Perhaps they see, that the only person looking for war between

the Animists and the Rangers is an ancient greying bear... one that believes his word is law, and if it isn't, it damn well should be! You're an arrogant, egotistical hypocrite. You spew vile abuse at those that stand against you, because you lack th

e wherewithall to intelligently argue your case. More so because you have no case, except the \"Waah, I want it, it's mine! \" argument. Perhaps, as you have found, there are those that no longer wish to listen, no matter how hard you stamp your li'l gre

y paws...

Do everyone a favour, Ender. Stick to petty murder and abuse, and stop trying to control other guilds through acts of terrorism. You're nothing but a mindless thug. Brewing for blacklisters isn't gonna make you a hero...

Written by my hand on the 19th of Cloudburst, in the year 1095.