Orinoko, the Renegade Wombleto Zheredan Al'Nezraar

I can only suggest that you take with a pinch of the salt the itinerant ravings of Zenichiro. His city is going through a rough patch and so he has turned on his propaganda machine in a desperate attempt to try and make out he's doing better than he i


After all if he can cause problems based on past achievements, he'll have no need to rely on his current shoddy efforts.

I had been sitting in Thakria square for close to 2 hours playing with the the little thakrian sorceors who were intent upon attacking my steeds, long I should point before Alarius even logged on. Alarius was moving around Thakria (please take special

note of the moving part because although I find it hard to believe Zenichiro is ignorant of how to chop a stave, he seems to believe it is possible to do this on the move and I can assure you it is not).

Alarius then in an act of sheer genius managed to walk into too many of Yairi's staves on the trot and died (please take special note of the died bit because although I find it hard to believe ..... etc. I think you get the idea I wont bore you)

So we have dead, moving loremaster chopping staves so far? a novel idea for sure

So what really hapenned? Alarius wasnt chopping, died, and Zenichiro in imitable fashion thought he could grab a quick, cheap kill. Unfortunately for him, I had put him on trace as soon as he came online and saw him move and so I attacked as I have be

en doing for many years.

What can I say but that this is another rather low and underhanded attempt by Zenichiro to gain an unwarranted advantage. Naturally, he'll say it's all about perception but it would be more accurate to say he's lying out the back of his teeth. A white

lie is still a lie in my book, and bullshit is still bullshit no matter how you fragnance it.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Hindyear, in the year 1094.