I'd like to know how Mariah and Testuo proved their devotion to life. Both are currently or have been sorcerers.

I personally think a big reason for a lack of respect per se for the animist guild is because a fair amount of animists are very money concious and no matter what you may say, do have biased views and act accordingly. Far be it from me to suggest or

recommend an animist automaton without feelings, desires or goals, but there are some fundamental facets that I think should be inherent with any animist.

Although I think the word is too strong, Animists DO have a duty. They \"seek to serve life and compassion\". In the past there have been plenty of Animists that have been pig ignorant of what is going on around them and have used their skills to wiel

d power within Avalon. That being said, fortunately there have been and are sensible Animists who do realise the score and act accordingly.

I doubt any person in Avalon would like their life rigidly enforced/controlled, but there is no doubt that Animists get it easy as far as external/non guild enforcement. We rely upon the guild to control its members, and when it doesn't happen, it's

not exactly good marketing for the guild as a whole. The same could be said of the Rangers and Bandits, but in reality, they have far more external leeway and I'm sure the Bandits cherish a bit of bad publicity ;-)

The Animists have probably the hardest role in Avalon, one which has been made harder by perceived or non perceived complacency and avarice.


p. s. Going back to external/non guild enforcement - I clarify this with the frequency of Animist deaths. Imagine if as many people in Avalon who have issues with Animists had the same with Rangers - the Rangers guild would either be decimated or perm

anent tree dwellers.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Ilmarael, in the year 1094.