I would ask, in the first place, how long the 'guildmistress' of the Mystics intends to hold on to a stone which belongs to the entirety of the profession and is indeed the object of its third guild quest. Said palantir is currently stowed within the

most dubious of locations, one which cannot be picked, barged, ghosted or far traversed to, despite the absence of runes.

Of course. on hearing from one of the Mystic's own, that so long as they can coalesce portable stones from this divine palantir, it will not return to circulation, it was promptly enslaved and blackened. It and the Mystic stones will remain so indefin


Rather than seek to retake your own stones and the soi of your city, to protect you city's economy and well-being, you indulged in a freakish gift to protect your skills.

Why? Because one guild deems fit to bring ridicule upon a profession. Because one guild is utterly incapable of protecting its city and in (at least) the past three decades, incapable of training a single competent seer. You have failed not only your

city, you have failed your profession. Thus Mercinae exists now under the aegis of the Astrologers and will remain so, despite risible attempts to revert this.

Special commendations to little Tristian who in the past RL week has proved more of an obstruction than any other mystic in this RL year. Had such a spirit existed in the first place, none of this might have happened. As it is, the current status quo

will remain precisely that until the current Mystics hierarchy (Sarale and Rei) either successfully petitions an omnipotent to include commodities work within our skill set or chooses a path more obviously fitting for their 'talents'.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Springflower, in the year 1094.