My Perception.

Ender, Chaotic Rangerto Everyone

My last apology was accepted, which is funny as it was primarily a pointed, ironic, revealing stab at everyone else who abuses the system.

So many of you have Ranger, Bandit or Animist seconds who exist solely for the supply of herbs and poisons. Those who have loremasters for runes and potions, sorcerers for evoking poisons and even Knights who you use carry out the vengeance of your \"

weaker\" primary characters.

The barons who have newbies in each city to check actions and calculate army sizes, enabling you to read city bb's to snoop of the activity of your enemies. How many Parrians BB's have I had quoted back to me by Thakrian friends? Seconds with the ab

ility to cast a vote in another city election and sway the flow of the political system, keeping allies in power.

However, these actually just pitiful excuses. The same as mugging someone and then using the \"well everyone does it\" defence. In short, while the last post was \"political and pointed\" it wasn't actually and apology.

This however is. To the handful of you who still \"play by the rules\", who still hold the concept of the game close to your hearts and still act constantly and purely within character: I am truly sorry.

A man I hold in high regard told me that Avalon doesn't change, only the individual changes and with that their perception of Avalon. Maybe I have changed too much.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Cloudburst, in the year 1094.