Clearing things up.

Wyldefyreto Hellbone

Hmmm very strange post. I noticed you wandering through the dark forest the other day raving about everyone against you. Now, I am not a fighter, but I know through my aged years that it is unwise to call upon olympus or blame olympus for our trouble


Seers CAN get into sewers and treetops and any place they like with a certain degree of skills. If you had your guard down, or were smoking too much furgle I suspect, you could get attacked.

Credits? Do you hav a credit bill at the local tavern? Hmmm... will have to ask Garion if we can all get credits at GT.

Poor boy. You HAVE had a tough time. Angering the gods will only make it worse. I suggest going to the grove for heealing, spending some time alone to study and then offering humble service in retrospect.

Ok Wyld has been on road to Parrius for far too long . (Gives you a hug, some megillos to clear your head).

People are only against you hon, if you want them to be.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1093.