Roleplay, and your inability to grasp its simple concept.

Damocles, the god of chaosto Hellbone

It is very rare that I respond to any post in this forum. In this case I make an extremely pointed exception.

Through YOUR time in Avalon, you never appeared in my consciousness until you chose to put your mortal needs (and mouth) above my desires.

Had it stopped there, we still might be fine, but instead you chose to loudly espouse such concepts as impartiality and fairness.

Since then, believing yourself to be a victim and not taking responsibility for your actions, you have chosen to lie, twist, and goad -

all quite admirable, were they not a directed attack toward me.

Through it all, however, it is the delusions that have prompted you to spread falsities in this forum that concern me most.

I'd imagine if Kodiak wishes to enlighten you in on how he gained sewer entrance, he will.

Though I wish it were not the case, there are at least two ways to legitimately enter the sewers, available to -anyone- with the fortitude and knowledge to see a task through.

I'd be interested to take credit, alas I cannot.

This response to your post is not to encourage any debate on this topic.

Any further slander upon myself will not be looked upon kindly - and perhaps finally, we will all witness your learning to tread a bit more softly.

As a final note, I'd suggest that there is no distinction for this issue in any out of character context

with the sole exception of YOUR continued inability to separate the two.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1093.