A plea for (not) orphaned baby.

Wyldefyre Dear Abby of Avalonto Everyone

A baby was found in the greenwood today and given to a foster parent for its protection. I ask with most humility that the baby be returned. It was my fault the baby was lost. I was caring for th baby for Laslow and Kiku when I answered an urgent cal

l for help from two individuals who were very upset. So concerned was I for their well being that I spent a long time consoling them and listning and forgot I was holding th child when I logged off.

I know the child has been well taken care of, but his parents love him and would b heartbroken when they return to the land to find their little boy gone.

Forgive me. It was my fault the child wandered, but I did it out concern for two people who really needed some help

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1092.