The Divine Amber of Light.

Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

In the recent past Avalon suffered the ravages of the longnight, instigated by

the cult of the same name and all was plunged into shadow once again. I regret to

report here that efforts to reverse the situation by my order members and the

overall community of the order of the sun and moon came to nothing and despair

grew such that some thought they would walk in the misery of darkness forever.

And so it was that euphoria spread amongst the cultists and their supporters as

night prevailed for a time longer than has ever been recorded and there were those

amongst them greedy for future power, forgetting the deeds of many of their elders.

And so a rift split Thakria, ever an abode for those who seek personal power, and

one faction seized the city and cast out many that were perceived unworthy by them.

Yet in their conceit many who had ever been loyal were rejected, even captains of

the army who were fresh from victories of great renown were purged from the new order.

And amongst these was Zenichiro who had done so much to pave the way for the cult's

ambitions by marching troops upon the very strongholds that would otherwise have been

used by the order of the sun and moon to hide artifacts of dark power required for the

ritual. And he was wrath. Yet he was still proud and he determined to make a statement

to the new order in Thakria and he gathered to him Lancelot, Kodiak, Hermione and others

of the disaffected and they rejected the cult and its works and through down the black

sun so that light was returned for all and he succeeded where others could not avail.

And so it was that from the most unlikely of quarters those that had sworn to protect the

light and failed were shown that despair is folly; never is it too late to make a stand and

that determination and courage can win the day. And thus was the strange twist of fate that

it fell to Zenichiro, he that many would count as the greatest enemy of the order of light, to

show how the inner light in every mortal can light a path of inspiration and bring renewed hope.

For ending the ordeal of shadow; for displaying the courage to face adversity and succeed in a

most daunting task I hereby announce that I have awarded the divine amber of Apollo, one of the

fifteen, to Zenichiro. As he wields its powers against you, against members of my own order as well

as others, remember how it was won; with preparation, perseverance and determination.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1092.