this and that.

His Holiness the Thieflord Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

Most of you won't care about this so skip ahead as I am just posting here because it is easier to speak to everyone.

It seems someone I actually consider somewhat of a friend but who I find on the wrong side of my current entertainment is being blamed for everything I have been doing. Gahlahas in fact has nothing to do with my being irritating or robbing certain pe

ople. True I did kill a couple of animist for being decomposed but that was done and I have no desire to kill any more animist.

My current round of robberies and irritation come because in her divine wisdom Andromeda decided to take away some items from me. That is all well and good I have no argument and no disrespect toward the gods because they will do as they please no ma

tter a mortals opinions or words.

However I am but a mere mortal. I am spiteful and vengeful. I can not fight a god and know the folly of trying. I however can seek out those that follow the god and have my fun with other mortals. Many have offered to replace what I lost and it is

appreciated but it is not the point. The items I lost held significant memories from various things. Having the items just handed back to me tarnishes those memories so I have decided to create new memories at the expense of certain mortals.

The point? Well other then wishing to run my mouth some there really isn't any except that whatever the internal problems the animist may be having do not pin this one on Gahlahas he is just a victim of my entertainment.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Midwinter, in the year 1092.