I believe I have encountered at least three bugs in my account. The first one is my inability to see full descriptions after being attacked by (and only by) Grahjhl. She says that she's not doing anything that should do that. I'm already receiving

verbose messages, I'm not blind, I have an item that's glowing, and I don't have any other ailments. . . It just won't give me the full descriptions when I move to each new location.

Secondly, I am unable to introduce apprentices to the guild. It's not a matter of them being too young or anything like that, it simply doesn't understand it when I type \"Introduce <<character>>\". And no, I don't put the name in the tags when I'm no

rmally introducing.

Thirdly, I am unable to interact with the bank. It gives me the same \"Your words completely fox me, friend\" message whenever I try to deposit any gold. I type exactly: BANK DEPOSIT 1000 -- And I still get that message. I would really appreciate it

if you would look into it for me. . . Thanks.

See ya' at the beach,

--Valek Ra

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midsummer, in the year 1091.