I would like nothing better.

Dunccanto Blotto, The Red Tide

Puma, I do not include all parrians, just the ones who voted for meerkat. Meerkat is not a disagreable fellow as people go, though mabey a bit too tied up with himself.

But a leader, well the people of parrius seem to think so.

There is ONE fact though, many people who helped parrians who died with parrians and died protecting parrius from the thakrian incursion, are now enemied to Parrius proper.

I lay it at the feet of the pseudo thaks in parrius.

I dont care for parrius itself quite frankly I pray lord proteus swallows the godamthing up. I care for some of the people there, many of who are very good people, people worth fighting for.

Just think about who you welcome into your city... ender? He was instrumental in the destroying of your legions. If you rol over for anybody who just happens to be decent with the ol backstab, that makes you no better than a dock sitting strumpet.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 1091.