My Size and Age.

Housefly Valek Ra, A few Marbles Shortto Everyone

This topic is completely unrelated to my last post.

It seems that many people like to jump me based on my character creation date, without bothering to consider me first. Many of them are surprised to find that I'm so much smaller than they had imagined, and are thankfully regretful. I realize that I

am 60-some years old, but to take this post very OOC, I'm only just now finishing up my third full month of credit. . . . In other words, I'm still pretty small.

Just a friendly reminder asking those who care to consider me (and pretty well everyone you don't know) before deciding they're a good trampoline. ;) Thanks again.

See ya' at the beach,

--Valek Ra

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1091.