Specifically Astynax and Tleilaxu.

Housefly Valek Ra, A few Marbles Shortto Everyone

Some people might say that this post belongs on the fighters board, but I tend to disagree. This isn't a matter of fighting but a matter of this biggest display of cowwardry I've ever seen in Avalon, and it's enough to make me physically sick to my s


The first day I met Astynax, he sniped me 4 times, and I had never even heard of him. Not only that, but I was MUCH smaller than him, like around 1/5 his size (I had somebod consider us). His attacks were completely unprovoked and to this day, other

than the Thakrian/Mercinaen hatred, I still can't figure out why he targeted ME of all people, considering I was so much smaller than him, and had never had any previous contact.

Today, Karen and I managed to kill him twice (maybe three, don't remember) and shipped him once. He's still at least twice my size, if not more, and Karen, being my peer, is also no more than half his size. (He apparently jumps and snipes Karen frea

quently as well.) So, it seemed like a fair enough deal. . . he killed us lots, and we killed him a few times back, together. However, when we started to jeer him (which most people confused with bragging) to get him to come back for a third helping

, he wouldn't come. Instead, he ran to big ol' Tleilaxu to help save him from the big bad little people. Unfortunately, Karen had to go, But they took the liberty of killing her as well in the middle of her logging out, and then they teamed me. Tle

ilaxu, is FAR bigger than me, easily 4 times. And as stated before, Astynax is at least twice my size. Now tell me, why does it take the two of them to chase me down and kill me when each should be able to kill me on their own? I'm sure Tleilaxu ha

d meant to kill me on his own, as that's what he claimed he had done, but in fact, it was Astynax who killed me a second time, and he had attacked me during the first time that Tleilaxu was killing me.

So now I ask again, why does it take both of them? Can anyone help me to understand the principles behind the logic of Tleilaxu and Astynax's cowardly actions? Do they simply not feel any sense of honour or shame? If this was the case, it would bet

ter help me understand, but it still isn't right. I hope there are at least a few Thakrians out there who see this kind of putrid filth and know that they don't want to be like that. Sure, it's a naive thought, but there must be at least ONE Thakria

n out there who benefitted from this knowledge, and now knows what huge cowards and shameful bastards Tleilaxu and Astynax are.

I would have mentioned SpringDalians and Mercinaens in this post, but they already know how big a coward Astynax is. As for the Parrians, I don't know their feelings on this situation at all, but I hope they get my point, and don't just dismiss this

for whiney huggy talk (which I'm sure many of them will). Anyway, I tend to find that the game is only fun if it's challenging, and not impossible. To me it seems, what Astynax and Tleilaxu did was not challenging fo them at all, but it was certainl

y impossible for me to get away on my own. Believe me, I used every method I knew (Yeah, I know that's not a lot).

Anywho, just a lot of food for thought. And remember, nobody forced you to read this, and it is a public board on which to express opinions, so don't give me a bunch of crap about me not having the right to whine on the board, etc. That's what it's

here for, and like I said. . . Nobody forced you to read it.

Slightly Irked,

--Valek Ra

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Mournsend, in the year 1091.