Grammar shmamar.

Finbar, of Springdaleto Staggering Gaar The Drunk

The other day, i came after you, only subsequently to find Orinoko after you at the

same time. You started rambling on about being teamed. I returned to the land

to find the following msg from you. Gaar: \"Your grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Fight your own battles, or

continue with Thakrian ridicule. \"

Just wanted to, first, revive this current dormant board, and second to repsond

to your insipid little delusion. Not only did were you not teamed when I discoverd

Orinoko after you, though you ought to be as you are nothing more than a teaming

little stock dweller like the rest of the fighters in Thakria, but I had offered

you a challenge prior to our encounter, and your encounter with Orinoko. If you

dont want to be teamed, then accept challenge boy. Of course --- then I'd have to

watch you run back to your stock after I ship you again, like our last encounter.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Leaflost, in the year 1090.