Empty rhetoric.

Zenichiro, Master of Loreto Kubla Rastafar

Well Proteus has beaten me to what I was going to say but I'd just like to

add a couple of things.

While these defiant posts are lovely and make you super brave, the fact is

you are defeated. This 'truly great city' you speak of has utterly failed.

As to unity, in no way have I tried to separate your citizens. The simple

fact is that you are all united in your failure. I would never dream of

taking that away from you.

Orinoko (exactly the same as last time) has already claimed that this means

nothing and he can still fight as normal and enjoy himself, Finbar has said

much the same to me. Albeit only because we have allowed you a nice safe shop

to hide in at the moment.

Only Rhapsody has made any approach regarding surrender, and as far as I'm

aware she hasn't yet completed the very simple demand of becoming the vassal

of a Thakrian Baron.

So spew forth all the empty rhetoric you like, it may make you feel better

about yourself, but it merely adds to your failure as a leader.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 1090.