Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

In the face of adversity when all the odds would seem to be against them

the rebels in Coriona have succeeded in sticking together and striking a

fatal blow to the government I installed in Thakria.

Their strength of will has impressed me, and the failure of the installed

government has been disappointing. I have now seen strength in individuals

where before I only saw weakness, and now they have seen Darkness where

before there was just gray pragmatism.

Thakria had strayed from its spiritual path and what was done was necessary

to bring it back, bring back a home for the sadists, the evil, the merciless

killers and hope breakers - no longer will they by persecuted but once

again allowed to explore their depravity and still be able to call the City

of Miracles home.

The original government will now be restored. Darkness will continue to

watch over the city that now knows not to mock it or spurn it. Let all

those that consider standing against Thakria know that they are now also

standing against the forces of darkness and evil united as one.

I now favour Thakria as a loved child now returned to me. Beware all those

that stand against this city - from these drastic and sudden upheavals you

have been feeling from the west is born a new era, a new determination, a

new Miracle.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1088.