Mohrion, the Fifth Elementto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

Come one, come all... Roll up, roll up... See the amazing display of

incompetence and stupidity that currently inhabits the Greenwood.

We watch in awe as he hides in trees and stockrooms unable to leave for

fear of death. Gasp in amazement as he squanders and wastes every last

bit of wurtfoil he has in combat that is futile. Gasp in amazement as he

eats it like it's athillias or witan that he didn't even pick himself.

I laugh in your face Ender. You are a pathetic coward who does nothing but

run your mouth while you sit hiding in a tree. Come out and face me. I dare

you. What happened the last time we fought? You died miserably. You didn't

do much for Thakria that I remember besides whine and toot your own horn.

I'm afraid the only puppet is you. Should Thakria happen to fall, which it

won't, the only reason would be due to your own stupidity and pride getting

in the way. Do you think you are truly Thakrian? Then why allow the Loremasters

to destroy over half of Thakrias troops? Hey... there's one hell of a command

decision. You just may get Thakria back. Razed and without any comms. Why?

Because you thought you were tough when you really aren't.

And so it goes.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Ilmarael, in the year 1088.