beware the erm power? of thakria.

Sir Dunccan The Cobalt Knightto Everyone

Well threap being the slut that he is, opend his self up to more than just the usual. He let zeni inside now. inside thakria that is.

Ahh the seers razed and the Sorcs too, what fun I say, what joy, but I knew it couldnt last, cuz i knew threap was a flake and couldnt hack it. One week of taking what the res of us real fighters take, and he caves. less than a week.

Nothing will take away the great logs with both threap and zeni askin me to help him kill the other, and now as i sit here smirking because roll eyes they teamed me and got my head. so what else is new?

Ill tell ya whats new, the \"currupt\" thakrians, the non pure thakrians. are back in that city, or will be soon enough.

Threap, you couldnt hack it in spring dale, you coudlnt hack it in vengeance, you couldnt hack it as a baron of thakria, you couldnt hack it as a pure evil elit. smirk. fighter.

Zeni teams you what 3 days and you quit fighting what a loser, I'm starting to see. that you are no differnt from those who betray their ideals because they are ... \"tired of dying\"

Zeni is sure to post some boring retoric on power and how thakria now stans whole or whatever, save it Zeni we all have heard your slow drone boring BS before.

I admit it, I was using Zenichiro to see how much i could get the thakrians to kill eachother. oh sorry and corionans or whatever it is they call themselves, see how much they could bleed eachother.

Wern't we all?

The true thakria lasted all but a week. Will zeniville go back home? or will they stay in coriona and if they do stay smirk. will they get devine protection from the wrath of our military? I just cant wait to see the next perk the nasties get next.

Even with your perks, nasties, your all still a buncha teamin strippin cowards.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midwinter, in the year 1088.