The Actions of a "True" Thakria.

Ender, Chaotic Rangerto Everyone

I've never really given enough credit to the new government of Nostradamusville, while clearly little more than the puppets of darkness; I feel they have shown what it truly is to be Thakrian.

As yet the new Prince of Thakria, Arthor, has failed to return any single challenge offered to him. I have seen him refuse mutual challenges and Duels from myself, Pahn, Orinoko and Porthos, indeed a fine display of courage. Maybe he grows comfortab

le hiding in the shodows of his stockroom, but hey I can accept that, he is old, rusty and not what he once was.

Today I witnessed the majesty of their Field Marshall Threap, at work giving orders to Heru, a LW Cavalier to march troops around. I must say, the chap was surprisingly good for someone who is less than a month old. Still, given that none of the exi

sting barony can step out of a stockroom or temple without being slaughtered I can understand why you have resorted to child labour and the protection of bloodlust to get things done.

The New and Improved City of Darkness is truly magnificent to behold. Not however for the handful of people who still live their, locked away in hidey-holes.

Miracles? No, I don't think so.

Ender, Baron of Coriona

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1087.