An apology.

I apologise Mohrion, mighty lord of the Sorcerers, for accusing you of being

mediocre on the Thakrian board. After just defeating me in a duel I have now

learned my lesson and I now fully understand what it is to be part of the new Thakria.

A lesser man than I may have been easily confused or misled by the fact

that I slayed you 21 times during our duel, compared to the very few you

inflicted upon me. Or possibly the 11 levels that were torn from your being

by the end of the duel compared to 0 for me.

No, I was the one who rode the ship. Do not be hard on yourself, as you did

when you proclaimed 'I'll have to be cheap' and ignore those who would say

that your victory was tarnished by disfavouring me. So what that I

couldn't remove a herb from my pouch? No, you were clearly the victor.

I wouldn't normally post such minutiae as levels and deaths inflicted, but

it was clear to me earlier today as you intoned your victory over me how much

you crave the recognition you so rightly deserve. So here it is.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Leaflost, in the year 1087.