Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

Today as the hour of darkness dawned my followers and other allies of

Darkness bravely thought and decimated the new alliance of justice

Castigere had the arrogance set up to oppose Me.

The barons of Thakria cowered in their stock rooms counting their coins

and gossiping, exchanging insults and jokes.

This was the final straw. Thakria has strayed too far, a city once great

and proud to serve Darkness mock Me, mock their history mock the memories

of those that gave their lives fighting for the city.

Citizens of Thakria have often taunted me saying no God is bigger than a

city. Today the corrupt barony of Thakria have paid dearly for that

arrogant sentiment. I have assumed complete control of the great city of

Miracles and once again the flag of Darkness flies high and proud.

Democracy is suspended. Diplomacy is cancelled. All existing agreements

torn up and dishonored.

I, the God of Darkness, in alliance with my Brother the God of Night

have appointed Arthor, the Scion of Darkness. A man that has served

Darkness and Thakria his entire life once Prince of the city, a man to

bring Thakria back to the path of its destiny. Arthor will run the city

under my watchful eye.

Citizens of Thakria, rejoice for your liberators. Dissidents beware, you

will be purged.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Ilmarael, in the year 1087.