Be careful.

Silvermoon Fireforge, the Wandererto Everyone

lr protection


I have read with interest the posts of Nostradamus and Mephisto. I have watched and listened, as best I can. I hear the calls of Darkness to it's followers. I'm sure they do to. Already the Longnight has gone up, and steadfastly been protected by it's

supporters. The Gods of Avarice strive to restore that which was theirs.

I watch and listen as best I can. As knight fights knight. As light clashes with light, while the darkness slips past. Based mostly on city loyalties (as far as I have seen up to now). With the Longnight, the forces od Drakness cast aside petty local

loyalties, and strived as one to achieve glory in the name of unlight. The Dieties of Despair have announced their intentions. Shall we stand and watch in awe as we are swallowed by the doom they set aside for us? Or shall we defy the intent of the ev

il that bends it's will towards us? Unity. That's all we need... that, and courage.

Light and Dark know no boundaries. While we quarrel within those we set about ourselves, we have no right to complain about the fate cast upon us by Divine will. Great things are stirring within this land. Let those of us that would walk under the gaz

e of the sun, unite agianst those that would swallow the light, wherever we come from, and whatever transgressions have passed.+

It's up to us...

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1087.