Like you I am no longer Thakrian, my reasons for that choice are my own, like you I have been a Thakrian for much of my life, Unlike you I have never been much of a fighter so it's only rarely that anyone has ever asked for me help. Once many years a

go, you did ask me. I wasn't in a position to help as I'd just been jumped in Azrilli and much of my equipment and all of my weapons were still in Azrilli. I was subject to some foul language and abuse from you for that. But have you ever come to my a

id when I've died or been attacked. I think not. I think you always preferred to idle in some shop stock room while Thakrians fought and died, unless, of course you felt safe enough in the power of numbers. sure enough that you could win.

Guinni, disillusioned with Thakria and wondering why she made her way back to these realms.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1087.