an apology.

Ranger Keldorto Mephisto, god of the night

This is a plea to Mephisto, who has seen fit in his divine wisdom to ruthlessly punish me over the past two years or so.

I appeal to him upon Olympus to hear my cries, to hear my words and to end his reign of terror upon me and numerous other mortals.

I offer Mephisto here, in a public forum, the chance to explicity and unreservedly apologise to myself and to others he has inteferred with beyond the bounds any other immortal would be ashamed of.

I ask here that Mephisto is held accountable for his actions and for his ability to meddle in affairs to be reviewed in light of his attitude, pettiness and personal insecurities, on display for all to see through his actions since his return.

Mephisto is despised by a large number of mortals, not just for his actions but for the ignorance of mind and arrogance of the power he displays openly day by day.

I also have had difficulty recalling a time when an immortal was despised by his peers so publically, clashing periodically against the respected council of Olympus.

Mephisto craves his power and will stop at nothing to push his own agenda to keep a tight hold of that unquestionable power, unwilling to stand to account for his actions and abuses.

It is time he explained himself and his twisted mentality, or forever be seen as the insecure and weak minded individual he so publically appears to be.

A view he is only supporting by posting such drivel and incomprehensible garbage as seen by the previous posts.

A true immortal would be beneath such argumentative and pointless debates with mortals, yet Mephisto chooses to meddle and get himself involved because he simply cannot stay out of our mortal affairs.

Mephisto will only ever aspire to true immortality, as a distant dream, never attaining nor deserving it in reality.

Those who know of my recent encounter with this Mephisto will know of the zappings, disfavours, stealings of tens of thousands of poisons, divine gifts, banishment of bug runes, lowering of experience level and turning to statues that I have endured,

amongst quite a few other things.

Mephisto is little more than a petty thief with a grant to use ultimate and undeniable forceful tactics that cannot stand any chance of failure.

He quibbles pettily and childishly over my \"Huntsman of the Night\" suffix that I had worn for the majority of my life, which had been in no disrespect (or particularly respect) of Mephisto.

This annoyed him so much for him to demote me in my own guild from deputy guildmaster to a simple novice, in a word?


Ranger Keldor.*l

Written by my hand on the 24th of Skyelong, in the year 1087.