The Rangers Guild.

Chaotic Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Dunccan, Knight

I'm not sure where you've been for the last few years, but the Rangers guild has been neutral for quite sometime now, a process that started in the days of Ragar. In fact, Ragar was the primary force behind freeing the Rangers guild from the ties of

supporting Mercinae alone. For the first time in its history the Rangers guild has finally achieved something resembling true neutrality, a case backed by the fact we have four Deputy Guildmasters, one from each city.

You talk about the Greenwood being torched and the Rangers standing by doing nothing? Yet the last time the forest was burning I was there, I was dousing the flames and I did replant many of the herbs you now see growing. If there is any doubt on th

is matter I refer you to Elanna, Rhadamanthys or Solan all involved in this crime one way or another. Since that painful day in 1082 the entire Rangers guild (myself included) had withdrawn all support to the guild of Sorcerers, as mentioned in Guil

dmasters Message #535.

This is just one example of the strength that is now found in the UNITED Rangers guild. Proving that by working together, fighting together and even laughing together, the whole is GREATER than the sum of its parts. Thought I doubt you would underst

and this concept, given that you turned your back in Mercinae within a week of the city falling.

As a final point, I request that all future mindless rants, raves and diatribes you litter this board with are kept IN CHARACTER, something that the vast majority of us manage to achieve. I'm sure people aren't that interested in my choice of MUD cli

ent or the fact that I took a year out to play the Cavalier Kurgan. Anyone who has 'met' both of 'us' will realise we are vastly different characters. It's called roleplay, try it, you might like it.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Springflower, in the year 1086.