Dunccan, Knightto Born to Be Wyldefyre Dancing Bear

Bla bla bla bla, Do you actually think i read your posts?

As i was trying to defend the honor of your guild not insult it, I take personal offense to all of your posting.

My intensions were to remind you what a true leader was, my intensions were to make you see that the rangers guild is not a matter of a joke, but more. My intensions were sadly miss read.

I have seen not one ranger dance dawn, not once, in the last month. there was a day when many a ranger had in their names, dancer of the dawn, or dawn child and such, I remember them for I died with them, and would die with them and would gladly die

with them again. nay . joyfully.

I wonder, will dawn be danced again? Huzow defoliated all of the greenwood, I was there to die with you, where was ender? pretending at cavalier mabey?

Babidi burnt 80% of the greenwood, I died with you. guild of rangers, where was ender?

In this day it seems that not only do the rangers have poor posting skills but short memories. There will come a day when avalon turns around again, and evil in its pure form once again stalks the cubs.

Joke about those great bears who once gave their everything to protect your cubs, insult the knights that did anything they could to protect your forests.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Springflower, in the year 1086.