Anyone seen Dunccan's cluestick lying around?.

Ranger Keldorto Dunccan, Knight

Dunccan, the Rangers guild is a great family, where we trust each other and share our stories and jokes between one another knowing that we can jest and laugh between friends.

Everyone in the guild reading Ender's initial post laughed and understood the humour behind it, we are not a miserable bunch of drones walking around bashing things.

You are keen to compare Ender to Ragar for no particular reason (except for the fact that they share being guildmaster of the Rangers... well, so do a dozen or two dozen others, what about them?)

You have stated a number of (generally not quite true) factors which have made Ragar different in many ways from Ender.

Why do you think the whole guild voted on Ender to take on the mantle of leader?

Because we WANTED TO CHANGE, we wanted to move into a new era for the guild, and we have done so magnificently in the past few months.

You state Ragar was a mediocre fighter, and it would be fair to say Ender is a very competent fighter.

This is bad (for the guild, Dunccan, not yourself) how exactly?

You state Ragar played on telnet and never had a decent client, Ender uses his client in unique and insightful ways, and teaches others in the guild how to do likewise.

This is bad how exactly?

You state Ragar would always come to the aide of a squire in trouble, which whilst honourable, has what exactly to do with the guild?

Ragar was a fine Ranger and I have upmost respect for him, but Ender too is also a fine Ranger and has my full respect for what he does for the guild.

All you have against Ender is the fact that he hasn't taught us how to post on the BB properly, how in Ragar's days that would NEVER happen!!!

Well, big fucking deal?

If that's our main problem then hell let's lie down and let this guild die now because we will never survive without impeccable posting skills.

The fact is, the Rangers guild has never flourished so much or innovated so much as it has since Ender took over the leadership and began to GET, THINGS, DONE.

If we weren't happy then we would question him and get a new leader, but that isn't happening is it, because he has the complete support of deputies and cubs alike.

Now please take your ranting off this board because we couldn't care less what you think of our guild or the next.

If you must then mention it in tells or tell your friends and family what a naughty boy Ender is, but don't bother the world with your tantrums please.

Ranger Keldor, Huntsman of earlier on this morning.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Springflower, in the year 1086.