The Longnight.

Astrologer Grahjhl, Night Visionto Everyone

As you are all aware the longnight is upon us. I hope you will all take full advantage of this rare opportunity to revel beneath the darkened skies, and rejoice in the power of the Night.

We, the Order of the Night, have worked long and hard to achieve this, most importantly as a tribute to our Lord Mephisto, God of the Night, but also to bring you this experience, which will be brand new to many of you, and but a distant memory the re


Whether you oppose the longnight, support it, or are indifferent, there are two possible approaches to take to the experience.

One is to rejoice, act decisivley, and learn - whether it be how to use the longnight to your advantage, or simply how to survive it.

The other approach is to sit around, talk, complain and do nothing. Whichever you choose, be under no illusions that the Night is here to stay and the longnight is a show of its power. A symbol only one type of action will bring to an end.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Springflower, in the year 1086.